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INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations

A secure, end-to-end, cloud-based RTLS software that tracks assets, people, and processes with advanced AI reporting to help you optimize critical business and clinical operations.

Your one-stop shop for tracking anything, anywhere.

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Operational Excellence

Digitize non-clinical operations for robust hospital staff tracking, security, and compliance.

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Resource Management

Experience unlimited RTLS patient tracking and hospital asset tracking software with environmental monitoring capabilities.

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Immediate ROI

Implement our AI-powered hospital RTLS in days, not months.

True Partnership

Leading with You in Mind

We’re here to help you achieve your operational and financial goals every step of the way.

  • Track anything, anywhere in real-time with room-level accuracy
  • Low lift, simple, and easy-to-implement infrastructure requiring no IT drain whatsoever
  • Your trusted partners beyond implementation providing a dedicated team in your local area to liaise between our platform and your success
  • INTRAX™ provides limitless scalability and we constantly bring new use cases to your attention
  • We track your KPIs and elevate the focus on data analytics using AI
Reshape Your Operations
RTLS hospital asset tracking

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Plug into Predictive and Generative AI. Unlock Your Best Performance.

Access real-time RTLS reporting and analytics to optimize your essential business and clinical operations.

  • Improve processes and manage clinical workflows
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets
  • Facilitate compliance reporting
  • Drive business value and improve financial performance
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Asset Tracking

Maximize Asset Utilization. Minimize Misplacement.

Our hospital asset tracking software reduces find times, maximizes utilization rates, and allows you to manage inventory and resources more efficiently.

  • Ensure optimal PAR inventory management
  • Decrease equipment find times
  • Reduce inventory & equipment shortage risk
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Patient Tracking

Increase Patient Throughput. Decrease Elopement Rates.

Our patient tracking software allows you to track where your patients are in your facility to increase operational efficiencies and throughput using AI while reducing elopement rates.

  • Track patient location within two feet automatically
  • Reduce elopement risk via staff alerts
  • Provide family members with immediate access and updates
  • Receive updates from check-in through discharge
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our infant tracking protocol
  • Equip patients and families with wayfinding tools
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Staff Support

Improve Staff Support. Mitigate Inefficiencies and Risk.

Automate tasks, observe workflows, and reduce friction to increase staff productivity, satisfaction, and safety.

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Environmental Monitoring

Enhance Environmental Monitoring. Curb Damage Risk.

Our temperature monitoring systems for hospitals verify conditions in compliance with industry regulations.

  • 24/7/365 environmental condition monitoring
  • Instant alarm notifications when conditions are out of range
  • Know when equipment malfunctions or needs to be replaced
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