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A Cloud-Based Real Time Location Services Solution
With Advanced Al Analytics

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Learn how we can digitize your hospital & manage nursing shortages

Real Time Location Services & Advanced AI Analytics One Comprehensive Solution

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A game changer in healthcare operations

Real Time Location Services & Advanced AI Analytics In One Comprehensive Solution

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Ready to take
you to the next level with AI

By combining innovative tracking technology with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, INTRAX™ delivers a comprehensive HIPAA-compliant RTLS solution to drive measurable improvements in clinical outcomes, patient experience and financial results through asset tracking, patient tracking, staff safety, environmental monitoring and contact tracing.

Advanced Software

INTRAX™ is the most innovative cloud-based AI powered platform currently available using location-based services combined with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateways, tags and ID badges.

Actionable Intelligence & Automated Reporting

INTRAX™ gives hospitals real-time insights and analytics to improve KPI's, reduce capital spend, optimize equipment utilization, reduce staff & patient inefficiencies and so much more.

A Fully Integrated Solution

INTRAX™ provides an end-to-end solution merging hardware, software, and IT support all in one place. Eliminate the need to lean on your internal IT staff with our seamless integration, fast deployment and minimal learning curve.

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Advanced AI Analytics & Features

INTRAX™: A Single Cloud-Based, IoT Solution

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Exclusively For Healthcare

Designed to meet the needs of healthcare, INTRAX™ provides medical professionals with a real-time HIPAA-compliant solution to monitor people, assets, equipment, environmental conditions and other use cases.

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Real-Time Analytics & Automated Reports

Track your entire hospital's operations in real-time through a single platform providing automated reporting, risk assessment scores and so much more to turn your data into actionable intelligence and savings.

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Single Source of Accountability

INTRAX™ serves as a single source of accountability delivering precise data to help reduce capital spending, facilitate strategic asset planning, increase clinical staff efficiency, increase patient satisfaction and monitor temperature changes.

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Vastly Scalable & Extensible

The system is vastly scalable and flexible to meet your needs throughout the entire hospital system. It allows hospitals to simplify and consolidate systems into a single platform and apply it to other use cases and facilities.

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Easy Deployment & Installation

We'll have your hospital up and running in days — not months. Medical staff will be able to start using INTRAX™ immediately with less than 15 mins of training. Leave the heavy lifting to us at no additional installation cost.

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A Fully Integrated

INTRAX™ is an end-to-end solution combining hardware, software and IT support. We eliminate the need for third-party integration and sharply reduce the demands on your hospital's internal resources.

Software to transform your healthcare system

What INTRAX™ Provides

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Easily find equipment and assets at room-level accuracy and monitor idle, in use or availability status.

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Keep track of patient flow, reduce elopement risk and send mobile updates to update patients' loved ones.

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Receive critical data about staff deployment, safety, and workflow to drive measurable improvements.

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Monitor a range of environmental conditions to meet Joint Commission standards and alert staff when intervention is required.

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Track real-time HIPAA-compliant interactions between equipment, patients, and medical staff with automatic infection risk assessment scores.

INTRAX™ helps hospitals succeed

Obtaining Savings & ROI

Within weeks of implementation at a 300-bed Midwest hospital, INTRAX™ was able to help achieve immediate savings of $389,000 in capital spending and $74,000 on equipment maintenance in IV pump utilization alone. The opportunity to further reduce IV pump inventory by 15% was identified, increasing overall savings. Clinical engineering turnaround time was also reduced by 45% improving operational flow.

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Reducing Operational Expenditure

Clinical staff at a healthcare organization experienced several challenges resulting in more than $500,000 operational expenditure annually. By leveraging the INTRAX™ platform, the hospital was able to obtain comprehensive real-time data coupled with AI powered analytics to make critical leadership decisions, drive daily performance and cut its operational expenses in half.

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Improving Patient Wait Times

A hospital had a history of patient & staff dissatisfaction with nurses feeling pressured and rushed as well as long wait times during the middle of the day. A few days upon deployment, INTRAX™ measured the bottlenecks and identified the solution for the hospital’s pain points using AI. Consequently, the hospital decreased the average patient wait time by 30% dramatically improving its throughput and patient satisfaction levels.

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What customers say about INTRAX™

“INTRAX™ quickly became a core system for our hospital-wide operations facilitating everything from asset, patient, and staff tracking to temperature monitoring. We were able to efficiently deploy and scale INTRAX™ to capture the data we needed to drill down on real-time analytics and drive successful outcomes. We've also used INTRAX™'s contact tracing feature for our staff's safety during COVID, which is a huge value-add beyond the significant financial savings INTRAX™ delivers as a fully integrated solution.”

—  Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Hospital

“INTRAX™ has done remarkable things for our organization. Its impressive scalability and the ability it gives you to consolidate multiple systems into a single platform has saved our hospital valuable time, resources, and huge headaches. The end result is both extraordinary and significant since we're able to optimize our operations, see improvements in ROI, eliminate waste, and keep our staff and patients satisfied without having to heavily rely on our internal IT resources or deal with complicated third-party integrations.”

—  Administrative Director of Digital Innovation at Hospital
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