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Infection Control

Infection Control Compliance Monitoring for the Healthcare Enterprise

INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations fortifies infection control compliance by monitoring staff and patient interactions. Real-time alerts enable immediate action, promoting a safer environment and preventing the potential spread of infections through meticulous tracking and monitoring.

hospital infection control
monitor hospital hand hygiene
Hand Hygiene Adherence

Ensure Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Healthcare Staff

Track hand hygiene protocols in real-time to ensure healthcare staff maintain proper hand hygiene and comply with sanitation protocols to keep patients safe.

Hand Sanitation Alerts

Effortlessly Keep Patients & Staff Safe

Reduce healthcare-associated infections efficiently​ with automatic room-level voice alerts and reminders for nurses and staff when entering a room and working long shifts​.

Hospital voice box
hospital hand sanitation station
Greater Insights to Curb Infections

Keep a Tight Control on Infections with Advanced Analytics

INTRAX™ provides extensive 24/7 data analytics and reporting on hand hygiene events to mitigate infection risk and reduce insurance costs.​

Contact Tracing

Fortify Your Infection Control Efforts

Effortlessly determine infection risk scores with comprehensive summaries detailing every person who came into contact with an infected individual including locations, durations & time frames of contact.

contact tracing
distance monitoring
Reduce Transmission Risk

Real-Time Decision-Making to Keep Patients Safe

Calculate room crowding scores against total capacity requirements and pinpoint areas at the highest risk of infection to redirect patient flow and adapt the hospital’s services and decision-making in real time.

Isolation Zone Control

Promote Maximum Safety for Patients and Clinicians

Monitor and control isolation areas, ensuring restricted access and minimizing the risk of infections reaching other parts of the facility.

hospital isolation area
hygiene dashboard
Data Analytics and Reporting

Discover Infection Control Improvement Opportunities

Gain insights into compliance patterns and identify opportunities for improvement. Strengthen infection control strategies and maintain a safe healthcare environment.

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