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Patient Tracking

RTLS Patient Tracking Solutions for Healthcare

INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations allows you to track patient movement, increase patient throughput, reduce the risk of elopement, and alert family members about patient status. Using AI and predictive analytics, maximize patient throughput in key areas including the OR.

RTLS hospital patient tracking
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Decrease patient wait times

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Increase patient throughput

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Positively impact patient satisfaction

How INTRAX™ RTLS Patient Tracking Works

patient tracking blood pressure

Monitor patient status across the health system.

Optimize patient workflows in or out of surgery and reduce patient wait times.

patient workflows interface
optimize patient throughput

Optimize patient throughput between procedures for OR areas.

Avoid patients eloping or feeling lost with wayfinding and wander management.

turn by turn navigation
interactive maps

Visualize interactive maps of all patient locations in real-time.

Experience an extra layer of security with our infant tracking capabilities, giving new parents and hospital staff peace of mind.

newborn tracking
Example Scenario

Optimize OR Time, Increase Patient Throughput Using AI

INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations delivers accelerated assessments and identifies the root causes of operating room bottlenecks while increasing patient throughput and adding ROI by testing different scenarios to save valuable OR time.

Once the inputs and outputs are run through our AI machine, the results speak for themselves

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30% reduction in patient wait time
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15% patient throughput increase in OR
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13% increase in OR utilization
decrease elopement risk with RTLS patient tracking
Elopement + Wander Management

Decrease Elopement Risk.
Increase Peace of Mind.

Our patient tracking capabilities enable healthcare providers and loved ones to monitor patients’ progress and know where they are in the facility in and out of surgery.

Minimize Elopement Now