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Staff Duress

Healthcare RTLS Staff Duress Solutions

INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations gives healthcare personnel the ability to trigger a staff badge sharing geolocation information and immediately signaling emergency assistance during unsafe workplace situations.

hospital staff duress badge
Nearly 70% of emergency nurses say they’ve been kicked or struck on the job while nearly 50% of emergency physicians say they’ve been assaulted.

Source: The American College of Emergency Physicians and Emergency Nurses Association

RTLS in a busy hospital
Real-Time Geolocation Sharing

Enhance Hospital Safety

Once a duress notification is triggered, the alert will share the geolocation of the staff badge, which may be canceled in the event of resolution.

Emergency Alerts and Panic Buttons

Empower Healthcare Staff with Improved Safety

INTRAX™ equips hospital staff with a badge that has a discreet push-button to instantly alert security officials of any workplace violence or emergency. Additional alert notifications such as email, SMS, and phone calls can be configured by the hospital to ensure safety.

empowered nurse
hospital security officer
Automated Escalation Procedures

Rapidly Respond to Healthcare Staff Panic Alerts

In situations where a staff member fails to respond to an initial distress alert, automated escalation procedures can be triggered. Send alerts to higher-level supervisors or security teams.

Staff Satisfaction

Staff Satisfaction, Front and Center

Keep staff safe and happy while boosting your hospital’s patient satisfaction scores when monitoring staff rounding.

healthcare movement data
analytics dashboard
Automatic and Seamless Reporting

A Complete Solution to Monitor Analytics

Automatic graphs & reporting allow users to see analytics regarding staff safety and beyond including staff rounding, hand hygiene compliance, nurse call automation, and reducing equipment “find times” all with great detail within a single dashboard.

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