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Healthcare Personnel Tracking Solutions for Hospitals

INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations optimizes clinician efficiency by providing real-time location data of medical equipment and personnel. This streamlines asset management, reduces time spent searching for items, and enhances coordination among staff.

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Smart Staff Rounding

Enhance Patient Care with Smarter Check-ins

Monitor staff rounding making it easy to ensure every patient room is visited on a timely basis and patients’ needs are met.

Efficient Clinical Workflows

Optimize Workflows When Every Minute Counts

RTLS data aids in assigning tasks and resources, optimizing workflow distribution and reducing delays.

workflow optimization software
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Asset Management

Improve Medical Equipment Availability

Track hospital equipment with room-level accuracy and greatly reduce “find times” saving nurses hours of time each week that may be returned to patient care.

Patient Throughput Management

Stay Ahead of Patient Flow

Improve patient scheduling, reduce patient wait times and increase OR room utilization rates to keep patients satisfied and avoid overworking medical staff.

Patient Throughput Management with a doctor sitting bedside
Cloud-based patient monitoring
Cloud Based Monitoring

Paperless Efficiency for Hospitals

Eliminate labor-intensive paper processes that overburden hospital staff by storing everything on the cloud.

Data-Driven Insights Leveraging AI

Unlock Enhanced Clinician Productivity

Leveraging workflow patterns and advanced data analytics, you can make easy adjustments for continuous process improvement and higher clinician productivity.

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