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Transform Traditional Tracking with AI-Powered Hospital RTLS

Designed for the healthcare enterprise, INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations makes it easy to track assets, patients, staff safety, operational efficiencies, environmental conditions, and everything in between—all within a single platform.

RTLS tracking software
99% of hospitals and health systems experienced challenges in supply procurement.

Source: Kaufman Hall

Smarter Tracking

Streamline Your Healthcare Resource Management

Leverage reliable, easy-to-use technology that eliminates tedious and often inefficient manual tracking and monitoring processes. Digitize your operations to enhance every aspect of resource management.

healthcare resource management
RTLS tracking of hospital equipment including wheelchairs
Unlimited Potential

Track Anything, Anywhere, with Hospital RTLS

INTRAX™ software efficiently monitors a range of items – simple equipment such as teleboxes, IV pumps, surgical trays and wheelchairs to even the most complex health and safety status of your staff and patients within a single integrated platform and other valuable hospital assets including iPads.

Quick ROI

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Insights

As a plug-and-play solution that works with your existing infrastructure, deployment is fast and easy, with little IT staff lift required. Plus, our advanced RTLS reporting and analytics give teams the real-time insights needed to make critical, cost-saving business decisions.

in monthly savings
hours saved per month by reducing equipment find times for nurses which may be returned to providing care for patients
ROI over 5 years just by implementing INTRAX™ and improving the hospital's asset utilization

*All numbers are based on a 375-bed hospital located in the U.S.

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Say goodbye to paper checklists and hello to intelligent hospital RTLS.

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