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Elopement + Wander Management

Wander Management and Elopement Solutions for Healthcare

INTRAX™ by Intelligent Locations simplifies wander management by tracking and locating patients to minimize the risk of elopement.

By providing instant alerts and accurate positioning, our RTLS prevents potential elopement incidents, enhancing patient safety, reducing risks, and enabling swift staff intervention.

wander management in hospitals

60% of persons with dementia will 'wander' into the community at some point during the course of their disease.

Source: Alzheimer's Association

Peace of Mind for Healthcare Providers and Families

hospital wayfinding
Indoor Positioning + Digital Wayfinding

Have Patients Navigate Your Hospital Seamlessly

Navigate patients throughout your system in a timely manner with highly accurate Indoor positioning that provides turn-by-turn navigation and directions with a detailed map of your entire facility.

Accurate Tracking

Enhance Patient Safety with Smarter Wander Management

RTLS enables precise real-time tracking of patients, ensuring their locations are known at all times.

interactive maps
instant alerts
Instant Alerts

Stay Informed About Unplanned Patient Movements

Receive immediate alerts if a patient moves into unauthorized areas or attempts to leave designated zones.

Proactive Intervention

Receive Timely Notifications

Staff alerts allow prompt intervention and redirection of wandering patients to minimize elopement.

patient elopement prevention
two clinicians looking at a computer
Improve Experience

Experience Patient Satisfaction and Efficient Staff Response Management

Improve outcomes for patients while relying less on staff to provide directions as RTLS can help manage their response and provide streamlined information about patient whereabouts.

Added Value

Enjoy the Benefits From Digital Wayfinding

By relying on digital wayfinding, you can reduce visitor and patient anxiety, improve patient experience, recover loss of revenue from patient no-shows, avoid overburdening staff, and increase overall safety with added visibility to your hospital’s layout.

safe patient returned to bed