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Intelligent Locations INTRAX™ (Hardware & Software): Combining Tracking Technology with Artificial Intelligence in a Comprehensive RTLS Solution
Emerging Technology Spotlight

Why This Spotlight?

Healthcare organizations aim to utilize Real Time Location Services (RTLS) to optimize hospital operations, reduce overhead, increase staff efficiency, and improve the overall level of patient care through the reliable monitoring of assets, people, and processes. Intelligent Locations offers an end-to-end RTLS/IoT solution combining Bluetooth Low Energy and AI data analytics to drive measurable improvements in clinical outcomes, patient experience, and financial results through asset tracking, patient tracking, staff safety, staff rounding, environmental monitoring, and contact tracing. This report covers:

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Customer experience and satisfaction with the INTRAX™ solution and hardware
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Intelligent Locations at-a-glance company profile
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Solution strengths, opportunities, and key differentiators
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An overall graded report with software performance indicators

A Fully Integrated Solution

Intelligent Locations INTRAX™ platform provides an end-to-end cloud-based solution merging hardware, software, and implementation all in one place. Eliminate the need to lean on your hospital's internal IT resources with a seamless integration, fast deployment, and low learning curve.

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True plug-n-play infrastructure requiring minimal upfront investment with no installation fee and no internal IT drain on your hospital
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Up and running in days and weeks— not months and years— to start seeing ROI within the first year
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Dedicated customer support 24/7

What customers say about INTRAX™

INTRAX™ Effectively Drives Operational, Clinical, and Financial Outcomes

“Tracking equipment is a matter of patient safety. If we are missing equipment needed for postop recovery and if the equipment is nowhere to be found, the ability to track and find equipment quickly benefits us. With INTRAX, we can track blankets and find them before they end up being thrown away. At this point, we track where pretty much everything is so that we don’t lose equipment and so we can get the equipment quickly. Our use of INTRAX has grown as more people have seen its benefits.” — Director

Customer Satisfaction With Implementation & Deployment

“The vendor does the deployment in the middle of the night, and they coordinate things effectively. With the asset tag, I just slide a little sticky off and stick it to something. What is wonderful about the system’s gateway is that it goes into an outlet. The vendor was able to retrofit our entire organization by plugging something into an outlet. We are able to do this without wiring. It runs on our Wi-Fi environment securely and easily.” — Director

Intelligent Locations Provides Strong Support & Partnership

“Intelligent Locations has a total cost of ownership, and it has been simple because they have a model where they deploy individuals who are solely over our account. These individuals are within our buildings, and they go where the needs are. They are constantly monitoring whether we need batteries or whether the gateway went out.” — Director

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