Contact Tracing

Monitor real-time precise interactions between equipment, patients and medical staff.

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Systemwide Hospital Tracking
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Real-Time Critical Data Capture
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Pinpoint Interactions
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Automated Infection Risk Scores

About Contact Tracing

INTRAX™ transforms the way hospitals and healthcare systems make decisions by providing location-based interactions between equipment, patients and medical staff. Using tags and gateways communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, INTRAX™ identifies, alerts and monitors patients & caregivers who have been exposed or are at risk of infections including COVID. Comprehensive summaries detail locations, proximities, timeframes and the duration of contacts which occurred with every person who came in contact with an infected individual.

Contact Tracing Features

  1. Patients, staff, and room interactions are automatically tracked and analyzed across the entire healthcare environment.
  2. INTRAX™ delivers critical data that is able to impact decision-making in real-time.
  3. INTRAX™ provides a comprehensive summary detailing the locations, durations, and time frames in which contact between individuals occurred.
  4. Once a positive test result is confirmed, INTRAX™ calculates infection risk scores based on the duration and proximity of contact with the infected individual and flags contacts at highest risk by generating an automatic report detailing every person who came into contact with the infected individual.
  5. INTRAX™ calculates room crowding scores measured against total capacity requirements.

The INTRAX™ Difference

INTRAX™ uses predictive analytics and AI to provide a fast and innovative way to optimize healthcare efficiency and increase your ROI.

  1. Reduce your capital spend.
  2. Increase efficiency for nurses and clinical engineering.
  3. Manage patient arrival times to reduce unnecessary wait times by optimizing the appointment scheduler.
  4. Keep patients connected to family members to reduce stress.
  5. Allow direct communication in real-time regarding patient status across all hospital departments.
  6. Facilitate strategic asset planning and optimize workflows.
  7. Monitor, improve and optimize staffing levels.
  8. Find and track ANY actionable insight to drive operational change and eliminate waste— our system is scalable and flexible to address your unique needs or use case.

Why integrate with INTRAX™? It's easy...

  • We’ll have your entire hospital up and running within days – not months.
  • A single platform does it all. No high learning curves to operate or get results.
  • Most users require less than 15 minutes of training. No third-party integration required.
  • INTRAX™ is an open platform that can integrate to third-party service applications via powerful API’s.
  • We provide a one-stop-shop to handle your hardware, software, planning, and overall deployment with very little internal IT support required.

Be sure to request a demo and ask us how you can get started today!

We make it easy to track all users' analytics

Automatic graphs & reporting within a single dashboard allows users to drill down and see:

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Precise Information About Each Employee Contact
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Number of Contacts Made By Each Individual
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Duration of Contact with Risk Assesment Levels For Each Contact
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